Statement concerning Fidesz and the EPP from the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance

The European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance (“the Alliance), the LGBT-network within the European Peoples Party (EPP) stands firmly behinds those EPP parties demanding to exclude the Hungarian Fidesz party rom the EPP family and the EPP party.

We look upon the development in Hungary with growing concern and believe that the Hungarian governments actions regarding the freedom of the judiciary, the freedom of the press, and the freedom of organisation is threatening the very core of the Hungarian democracy and the civil liberties of all Hungarians.

We also note that the Hungarian government under Fidesz and prime minister Victor Orban constantly shows disrespect and disdain towards minorities in the society such as LGBT-people or ethnic minorities.

We believe time has come to draw a line against those forces and parties who feel and show nothing more then contempt for the values of freedom and liberty which are the core values of the Alliance’s member organisations and the member parties of the EPP. The EPP was founded to protect those values all across Europe.

We therefore urge the EPP to take decisive action against Fidesz and exclude the party from the EPP.

Furthermore we would like to make it clear that we strongly believe in the European idea and therefore also demand that all civilised parties in the EU and all political groups in the EU take a firm stand against parties who act in a similar or worse way then Fidesz of Hungary such as the governing Social democrats of Romania and Slovakia and the notoriously ill-reputed governing far-right party of Poland, the PiS.

For all EU citizens the upcoming European elections in May offer an opportunity to turn the backs against those who differentiate between people based on who or what they are or where they come from instead of focusing on solving the problems that truly face our countries and the EU like economic threats, Brexit, unemployment, environmental issues and many more. The elections are also an opportunity to show that we need an EU focusing even stronger on the European core values of human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. By supporting the parties in the EPP family we can move forward and make the future of Europe a better place.