Joint Statements from the members of the European Centre-Right LGBT Alliance

Vid årsstämman med Öppna Moderaters Europanätverk – the European Centre-Right LGBT Alliance – i Stockholm i september enades medlemsorganisationerna om två gemensamma politiska uttalanden. Dels om kampen mot hatbrott i Europa och dels om vikten av att stå upp för hbtq-personers rättigheter i hela Europa.

Adopted at the Annual Assembly in Stockholm September 17th 2016

The risk has bene growing in the last years for a backlash concerning the rights for LGBTI-people in Europe
We are still dealing with the aftermaths of the financial crisis, we are in the middle of a refugee crisis and we can see tendencies in almost all countries that political right-wing populism and extremist parties are on the rise.

In times like these there is always a risk that minority groups become targets and that the rights of minorities fall down on the list of priorities.

Over the last decade the rights of LGBTI-people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersexed) have been strengthened in many European countries. This was very important when it came to improving the quality of life, health and safety for LGBTI-people in those countries. We have also seen that reform in one country has inspired others to get off the ground.

Therefore we the member organisations of the European Centre-Right LGBT Alliance:

– Express our concerns about the risk that the progress regarding the rights of LGBTI-people will come to a halt

– Urge the governments of European countries to not let the ongoing crisis be an excuse to stop working with important issues concerning LGBTI-people

– On the contrary we ask the political parties of the Centre-right to take their responsibility in working for new reforms that will make LGBTI-people more included in society which is in accordance with the values of the Centre-right movement.

– Demand that all governments in Europe stand firm against any attempt from right-wing populists or extremists to the left or right to take away rights from LGBTI-people and prevent any backlash in this area

Hate crime needs to be taken seriously all across Europe
LGBTI-people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexed) run a risk of becoming victims of crimes due to their sexual orientation or gender identity and/or gender expression. This is a real problem and it affects the quality of life, health and security for LGBTI-people in a negative way.

Research shows that LGBTI-people fear hate crimes in all countries of Europe in various degrees but no country is exempted – the problem is real everywhere. This is why it is important to work seriously against hate crimes. Hate crime is any form of crime targeting people because of their actual or perceived belonging to a particular group – in this case LGBTI. The crimes can manifest in a variety of forms: physical and psychological intimidation, blackmail, property damage, aggression and violence, rape, and murder. It is a reality that should not be around in 2016 in Europe.

At the same time the legislation in various countries vary a lot from country to country. In some European states, homophobia and transphobia are an aggravating factor in sentencing crimes. In others this issue has not been taken seriously enough.

From the level of the EU there is today no requirement for its member states to recognise sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression as a bias motivating factor in criminal law. The EU does require the member states to recognize racism and xenophobia as a motivating factor.

Therefore we the member organisations of the European Centre-Right LGBT Alliance:

– Urge the political parties of the Centre-right in all countries of Europe to address the issue of hate crime against LGBTI-people and work in favor of effective legislation combating hate crimes against LGBTI-people

– Ask of the EU that they work for a consistency in legislation against hate crime in the member states and that the EU extends its anti-racist legislation so that hate crime and hate speech law covers homophobia and transphobia in all 28 member states